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I tried narrating a portion of Fuusui Tengi’s prologue chapter. It was quite fun though I am not very good at it.

I shouldn’t be drawing, I shouldn’t be drawing.

Ah…oh well. You guys said you wanted to see more of this style (but it’s really not my forte…;;;). Kind of quick and fun though.


P.S. thanks Bunbundango, Soranova and Theblackstrawberry for exam wishes ^^!

T^T)9 I’ll do what I can.

Have fun guessing who is who. First one to correctly guess all the genderbends get to chose the next five Engi characters I’ll gender-swap!


Former aide of Kizui at the Fengshui temple.

Origins unknown.

(I really like him!!!)


[Shu Onsei]

Leader of the [Daimyou*(Tai Ming?) Fengshui] religious cult faction.

Has radical ideaologies. 

(unclear about the reading, when I get to him, there will 

probably be furigana for the name, ‘till then let’s pretend it says daimyou)



A young boy who carries the [Blue Raven] faction’s fengshui 

board. Second in command as well as Shu Onsei’s disciple.


[Go Bunkyou]

The imperial court’s beautiful fengshui official. Is a bit

of a nervous-wreck but specializes in romance divination.


[Chou Shifuu]

Eishou’s diligent, loyal-seeming aide. He sometimes displays 

very suspicious actions, however…


these guys were a lot easier and faster to translate…hmmm.

Fuusui Tengi: prologue & character introductions.

I tried my best to translate it, but I’m sure some parts are a little off or strange (marked by asterisks) ;;;… Anyway…….dang. Three hours for just the prologue and character descriptions, am I the slowest reader or what (even if translations do require a lot of brain power…)?

Also, sorry for grammar errors; I’m half awake right now.



I still remember the sound of rain hitting my umbrella.

The hydrangeas that day were reddish-purple and in full bloom.

Dropplets were falling onto the leaves and the snails above them

with their swirl-shaped shells were moving ever so

slowly. I was probably facinated with them.




"Hey, big brother, there is an itty-bitty snail here!" exclaims

a young boy. He had just turned five that year and was estatic

over having found a snail the size of his little finger.


Next to the little boy is his older brother. He flings his own

luxurious umbrella onto his shoulders while the little brother

points at the snail. The older brother is around ten years of

age* and posseses very intellectual-looking features.


"It’s probably this fellow’s family. Let’s take them home,"

says the brother as he tears off the leaf.


The little boy holds up a large vase from his lap and hands it

to his older brother. The vase stuffed with many leaves now

contains several snails, crawling and moving at leisure.


In the cobbled walkways of the garden, one other older brother

tears off a branch from a tree and twirls it around as he strolls along.

His skin is tanned and radiant looking. Out of the three brothers

he is the tallest but in terms of age he is actually in the middle.


"What are you doing inching and sneaking around like that for?!"

yells the middle brother.


"I’m looking for snails!" says the little boy as he smiles and rises to his feet to show off the jar to his brother.


The middle brother peeks into the pot while brandishing the stick

on his shoulders. His face warps into disgust upon the sight.


"I hate slugs, they’re similar to old geezers all the likes. How disgusting!"*


"You’re wrong brother…they’re not slugs…" In his sadness, a tiny drop of tear appears from the corner of the little

boy’s eyes.


The eldest brother begins to get anrgy and shoves the middle

brother on his shoulder.


"You’re so annoying! If you’re going to be a pest, go play



"What’s wrong with you, playing with bugs is what little kids

do!” yells the eldest brother to the middle brother. The

brothers thus start to fight.


As his two older brothers roll and scuffle in the mud, the

little boy is at a loss on what to do. Clutching onto the

vase, the little boy starts to cry loudly however, from the murky skies, rain begins to pour incessantly, washing away all

his salty tears. In the downpour, the discarded and forgotten umbrellas somehow ended up pilling ontop of one another…..




Looking back, those never-ending carefree days were pure bliss. I thought they

would go on to last forever…


[You Roushi]

From the fengshui board appears a thumb-sized

self-proclaimed sennin (immortal). After chattering

about Fengshui there doesn’t seem to be anyone

better than him…!?

[Suu Seishuku]

The neglected eighth child of the Suu family.

Has a gentle personality. His good point is playing

with insects to avoid being bullied.*

[Suu Kizui]

A tendency to look like he wants to run away, nobelmen

Kizui is the second oldest child. He hates being compared

to the eldest brother (Suu Eishou) the most.

[Suu Eishou]

The serious and diligent eldest child (Crown Prince).

His biggest problem is being too busy dealing with

government affairs on behalf of his father.

[Hou Rasei]

Former gatekeeper. A hot-blooded, foul mouthed man who

often gets into fights.

[So Kyouan]

Lowest ranked queen. A helpful person who needs a

little more luck in love.


Kizui sounds like such a prick so far…XD;;;;;

Man, I want to cry, only able to read at this pace…what am I going to do with the remaining 200 pages…;;;;;;;; ;;;; ;;;; ;;;; ;;; sobb…kanji everywhere…everywhere…

Lunar New Year drawing from moi. Have a happy one.

( ; ^ ; Seishukuuu, so cute //// )

Fusui Tengi - 4 of 4


Love love love Fujiryu’s architecture and character designs ; ^ ;

Seishuku is so super cuteee~~~

The last two pictures are irrelevant but I had upload room so~

They’re commemorative envelopes for 2011 Year of the Rabbit. Ruri bought them for me<3<3<3 Thank you, Ruri!

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Sobbb, I love FujiRyu’s linework…I wonder if he’ll adopt me as his daughter if I pester him enough (lol).

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Irrelevant but my request for Danball Senki to be showcased on A44 got accepted so, yay. Now everyone can learn about Danball. 

Relevant to this though…..I LOVE HIS ARCHITECTURE. This artist, gah!!<3

Fusui Tengi - spam 1 of 4


guessss what came in the mail.

Apparently vol. 1 ranked #14 on Oricon charts under the light novel category (2010 Nov-Dec). wwww Give me an anime adaptation please.