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Personally I never really became attached to Tenka. He could’ve had a little more development imo, but Tenka is very popular nonetheless. He’s a lot like his teacher. Very enthusiastic about training and battle. He’s stubborn and hates to lose. He would put his life on the line just to win. He’s very proud of his father and just a tad self-centered (a little). He can sometimes put his own goals above others or can be insensitive to others’ cirumtances. Tenka is prideful and uninhibited. He lives his life the way he truly wants to without holding back (not in a hedonistic manner) and that in a way, is admirable.


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If you put them all together, it will be a loooooong panoramic picture. Really beautiful. I don’t have to explain why Fujisaki Ryu is my favorite mangaka, he’s simply brilliant.

12, 14, and 16…I love so, so hard. Awuuu.

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