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Saint Young Men

  • Genre: comedy, slice of life
  • Summary: Jesus and Buddha go on vacation to Japan while trying to hide their identities.
  • Story: B+
  • Characters: A-
  • Overall: A-
  • Commentary: holy cow this is one of the funniest and cutest manga I’ve ever read, and not only that, it’s really good-nature humor on par to Shirokuma Cafe. Don’t watch the OVA, it’s slow and disorganized, and a terrible adaptation. The manga is fantastic


Dream of Loulan Kingdom

  • Genre: historical, drama
  • Summary: Three people of royalty get sent to a neighboring kingdom as “guests” (read: hostages) so that the two countries don’t wage war but then shit happens.
  • Story: lame
  • Characters: lamer
  • Overall: super lame
  • Commentary: It starts off well but it really put me to sleep afterward.


Knight Princess

  • Genre: fantasy, adventure, romance
  • Summary: This chick somehow ends up cross-dressing to see her long lost mother who happens to be a queen. Shit happens and she has magical powers.
  • Story: Generic as it gets.
  • Characters: Generic as it gets.
  • Overall: Generic as it gets.
  • Commentary: Generic as it gets.


Yan Zhi Cuo

  • Genre: historical, romance, comedy
  • Summary: A man who doesn’t want to be an official because he loves literature, a woman who wishes she were a man because she loves literature. The two meet, fight, and then romance.
  • Overall: B-
  • Commentary: It’s 11 chapters. Not fantastic, but it’s a decent quick read for when you just want something short and mildly amusing.


Furou Kyoudai 

  • Genre: comedy, supernatural
  • Summary: Two siblings who, when apart are easily targeted by ghosts and specters, but seem to repel them when together. Since young they have always been together…however, this becomes a problem as they grow older.
  • Overall: okay read.
  • Commentary: Kind of cute. It’s a light time-killer.


Liar x Liar

  • Genre: drama, romance
  • Summary: Lots of shit happens.
  • Overall: B+
  • Commentary: It’s unnecessary drama but it’s also really entertaining??? It’s rare for me to like modern shoujo titles but this gets my approval. Def.


Seigi no Mikata

  • Genre: comedy
  • Summary: This devil of an older sister is walking evil, but somehow all her evil actions end up leading others to happiness.
  • Commentary: bitch lady is one crazy karma-houdini like wow. This is a fun read.



  • Genre: gender bender, drama, romance
  • Summary: The story of “Prince” Ayato who at his coming of age must choose a gender to take on by finding true love. During the process though, he will emit a strange fragrance that enchants those around him…
  • Overall: B
  • Commentary: Art by Tomomi is fancy as ever. It’s super melodramatic and definitely caters more to female readers. Has its downs but the drama and cliffhangers really hook you in. 


The One

  • Genre: josei, drama, romance
  • Summary: Cane Lele grew up hating the fashion industry because it took away her parents but as she grew older she became captivated by a bewitching poster of super model Angus Lanson and begins to appreciate as well as take an interest in the industry for the first time…
  • Story: A-
  • Characters: B+
  • Overall: A-
  • Commentary: It’s like, basically what if Skip Beat didn’t dick around and add really unnecessary crap. Gorgeous, entertaining. Although the direction isn’t new and it is standard in many areas, it’s nonetheless captivating. Some of the artwork really leaves one breathless… a must read! Fashion hotness everywhere.


Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

  • Genre: historical, drama, romance
  • Summary: The intellectual maid of Jing Anwang prefecture who lives glamorously and is treated even better than most noble women, becomes separated from her master when the prefecture goes under siege by Zhen Beiwang. She later ends up disguising as a maid in the enemy Dong Lin prefecture but unwittingly catches the attention of someone unbelievable…
  • Overall: B-
  • Commentary: Starts off pretty entertaining, not so much towards later volumes but as I’m a sucker for Feng Nong’s other work, Feng Yu Jiu Tian, I keep reading… Well it’s nonetheless a decent read.


Scarlet Palace

  • Genre: historical, drama, romance
  • Summary: It’s too complicated for me to bother.
  • Overall: A- (very entertaining www)
  • Commentary: This series is hoooooot. The main female protagonist Ninghu is such a tool, but unfff, this series, so much drama…just as much or even more so than a Taiwan TV series. Even though the story is predictable it doesn’t deter from being a highly addictive read. King Xun and vassal Lingyu’s relationship is deep, intricate and interesting. Lingyu as a character is also very entertaining. I’m mortified that so many folks on forums wish Lingyu written off, he is the only thing that makes this manhua interesting. /tableflips all of you. Lingyuuuuu <3<3<3<3<3


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