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Bi-Weekly Loot Post

So…yeah…I got really, really, reaaally back into Vanguard after the four season marathon and now I’m a hopeless goner… and this is how bad it has gotten.

  1. Made a custom playmat. (priceless)
  2. Bought whichever volumes of Tachivan I could (still need to get 1-2, 7-9 and 12, but もうおかねがないんです. The bonus Leon’s fan has “the wind has come” written on the back). ($30 ea.)
  3. A whole set of Nendoplus, with extra Kai and Dragonic. ($25)
  4. Kai Toshiki Nendoroid ($55).
  5. Kai/Aichi deck case ($10)
  6. Lock on Victory ($50)
  7. A ton of Vanguard cards to finish off my Angel Feathers/Celestial and Tachikaze/Dinodragons deck… ($$ my soul, and some limbs)

Not in these photos b/c coming soon: 

  • Aichi Nendoroid ($80—-weep)
  • Star Vader Invasion Trial Deck ($14)
  • Some rare doujinshi (^q^) <3;;; ($$ my reincarnation and the rest of my limbs). Mins also got me the new @Shion_007 doujin and some booster boxes when he went to Summer Comiket (Q ^ Q) ….. great friend.

Now, I might be living on noodles for the next little while but at least I’m terribly happy…

So recently I’ve gotten (intensely) back into Vanguard. Both the anime and the card game itself. Since I fell in love with it twice now, I guess it’s a keeper. (It’s apparently much worse the second time if my twitter display name is The Trashiki/Recycled Trashiki….)



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Hi, I was wondering if you have an estimate on when the 11 x 17 prints will be restocked. I love your No Game No Life print but it's not in stock currently and I want to know if I should hold out on buying other things until it's available. I was also wondering if you plan on listing the Sailor Moon and Free! buttons as sets.
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

It’ll be up in about a week! I should be ready with them soon.

As for sets, well, I’ll think on it a bit more what I want to do, I was thinking about sets, too.

Asker tea-mancer Asks:
Your reviews are ever such an entertaining read! I learn so much about these obscure anime from you! Keep it up, you wonderful person!
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Hua hue hue… (^///^)7 ~<3 !!!

I really love obscure shows so I try my best to write about them in hopes people might check them out, too.

Thank you very much for reading my embarrassing blurbs (u///u;;)

So I recently went on a marathon and caught up to Vanguard over the span of a few weeks with my pal Polka; and while I still think stopping at season one would’ve been ideal, I have no regrets about catching up now (except for the occasional emotional turmoil brought upon me by boyfriendo-feels). If anything, after the marathon I started suffering intensely from Bushiroad withdrawl, so I picked up Buddyfight.

To be honest, it’s not really my type of show, and doesn’t look like my type of show, but if I learned anything over the course of Vanguard, it’s that Bushiroad shows aren’t always what they appear to be, and further more, sometimes they have a jackpot of really fun characters wedged between cheesy plot lines. so without further ado… 

Welcome to the world of Future Card Buddyfight (—-BF for short). And what Buddyfight lacks in a coherent plot, comprehensible game-play and maybe originality…it makes up for with heart. A whole lot of heart. 


(review behind cut)

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Happy Birthday, Kai.image


✧・゚:* Happy birthday, Kai 'Kai-kun' Toshiki *:・゚✧ 櫂トシキ | 28.8 


Happy Birthday to Fanguard’s favorite pyromaniac; Kai Toshiki.

Will you be at FanExpo this year? ; v ;
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Ah, sorry~ not this year (u v u;;;)

I need a long, long break for the rest of the summer. If I do end up going to anymore, I’ll announce it~ 

\(^ o ^)/ Ya-ho!!! Sorry for the wait! Soundless Wind art shop is now (mostly) restocked! Meaning, buttons, stickers, and the likes are now available again.

 NEW to the shop: 11x17” tabloid posters, in addition to posters by another artist, Mimimiru (2nd picture); and with every order, we’ll include a postcard.

I still have to restock a number of posters, but they’ll be added slowly. If you have any questions please send an email to kazehimeshop( and a shop assistant will get back to you as soon as they can. Please also let us know which items you’d like restocked (because we’re restocking in order of demand and it takes about 2 weeks per batch).

Thank you for reading, and thanks for looking!

Asker 4i-s-panda Asks:
Hi I was wondering if there's a way to see the commercial and project art that you do too! I understand the lack of time from these cut you off from commissions, but I still love looking at your posts of anything you work on. So is there any maybe twitter or blog that you post your work?
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post the work so… u_u;;;

(My twitter has art yes, but I’m super annoying XD; if you’re ok with that, it’s the same username)






2,070 plays 2,070 plays
Sendou Aichi,
Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode 187

My life. Goodbye.

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Otakon 2014~!

I came back a few days ago but I went straight to work so I didn’t have time to settle down for a quick post. (I’m still in the middle of work actually… u_u;;; but anyway…)

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