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Hello everyone!

Thank you for being patient with us. Pre-orders are finally open! So go check it out at There’s also a "Gear Third" option you can choose when pre-ordering that has some cool extra stuff, so be sure you look at that too!

We also have a preview of the stickers we’ll be including with all pre-orders. Each stickers is 2” x 2”, printed on glossy sticker paper. Regular pre-orders will get 3 random stickers, while the special Gear Third pre-order will get all the designs!

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an ask/e-mail.

-Dressrosa Zine Team

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New Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban game revealed in Famitsu magazine~

First scan of the new protagonist: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke.

Preliminary designs/design notes. 

I always have so much energy to design right before bed but it’s terrible because I always need to wake up early the next day…..;;;; _(:3 7 



naming your art files like



Part2. In my personal experience/opinion, locks of love gets a lot of the "unfit" hairs since layers are popular, people bleach them, and some people just don't know the minimum requirement etc. There's also a lot of rumors flying around but I never really researched them so I can't say. A lot of people opt for the Pantene donation since the requirement is not as strict.
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Thank you for your input. Maybe I’ll go with Pantene after all if they’re known to be less strict.

(aside from that, I’m using Pantene at the moment and it has revitalize my hair from last Autumn’s maintenance damage >_<;; )

Part 1. Hello sorry to bother you here but I couldn't fit all I wanted in the reply: I love locks of love and all but they have a strict policy of 10in minimum when donating. Anything shorter will be sold to make the wigs. They do this because 1) <10in may seem a lot but when made to a wig it is actually pretty short (since its from the roots down and 2) the wigs are expensive since they have to properly fit the children it's being donated to. to be continued...
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Hmm I see…

magicalsakura answered: If it’s under 10 inches they don’t use it for wigs but they do use it to off set costs ( ’ p ’ )b


Oh…that’s really nice to know! I’ve been letting my hair grow wildly for almost two years so it’s all really uneven in terms of length…;;; 

That feeling when you’ve grown your hair out for so long and suddenly tomorrow you’re chopping off 8 inches.


(Me right now.

I want to donate it but it’s 3 inches too short. I don’t know if they can do anything with just 7-8 inches of hair? Any suggestions?)

Long time no picture blog~ I finally took photos of two outfits I got a while back and also finally wore the chalice necklace. (excuse my room…)

  • club monico beige and red-stripe dress shirt
  • jill punk x loli red (suspender) skirt
  • jill punk x loli pink chiffon blouse
  • jill punk x loli light brown suspender skirt
  • kumacraft moon chalice necklace

I really like the red skirt and thought the quality was decent. Not so happy with the blouse (it’s not well sewn) but I can probably adjust it later.

Also, thinking of getting rid of this spotted tube dress. It looks great when worn but I don’t fit it anymore. It’s something like an XXS dress.


How I Shot the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Rising Over a Flowery Field

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It was a matter of time

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Pizza Cake…



Premium Bandai is opening up the next PROPLICA to a vote!!!!

Vote here:

(last option is the STAR LOCKETTTTTT!!!!!! can I persuade everyone to include that in their vote?!?!?!?! :D)

Here’s the translation in order: 

Cutie Moon Rod

Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Kaleidoscope Moon scope

Crystal Star brooch

Cosmic Heart Compact

Moon chalice

Prism Heart Compact (Chibimoon’s S compact)

Pink Moon Stick (Chibimoon’s S wand)

Chibi Moon Compact (SuperS compact)

Crystal Carillon (Twinkle Bell)

Transformation stick

Star Locket