"watching everything at the speed of light."

Screencap Redraw Meme:

So I ended up doing one after all. I wanted to draw something more complex but no time…;;; …next time.

Now that the episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal are out are you watching it? If so, what's your opinion on it so far?
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

I haven’t had time to sit down and write a proper review yet, but I watched it with some friends and we were bursting out into laughter because it was so bad….. I haven’t watched episode 2 yet but I hear the quality dropped even further (like there was more room to do worse???)

Anyway… it will be blogged here eventually.

Hello~. Excuse me, I was visiting your online shop and... I want to know if.. if possible for you to make a senyuu merchandise? I would give you all my money. Just asking, I'm sorry if I'm a bother asdfghk I love your art!! *runs*
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

^o^; I doubt Senyuu merch would fly off the shelves, but it wouldn’t hurt to take suggestions. 

If I were  to, what would you like to see?



So, I’m notoriously a slow drawer so I thought hey lets redraw scenes from other anime into my style as warm up and practice!

Yup still taking forever but will continue to do this haha.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 vs Mango’s Mercury.

I also didn’t want to do the SMC’s background cuz I was lazy…..8D

Yay redrawing scenes!

eehhh looks fun~ me too~ mee toooo~

3D Wing Changing Wand by OverStart

Hearte’s Ruby Reverie wand, modeled in 3D by OverStart (o///o)

So mesmerizing. It’s almost like a lolipop…

Bottle Fairy.


Otakon Hall-E, X06.

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Bottle Fairy - work in progress~!


I think I’m going to end up looking like a panda for the next two weeks with con prep, extra work shifts, storenvy, and freelance on top… *dies*

Hopefully I get some things done by Otakon…lll

I’ll be tabling with Aka-Shiro like last year. Please come find us in Artist Alley at X06! *///*)/ —- *collapses*


cant get over loser chrom
even though youre not a playable character, congratulations on your support role as part of robins final smash. huh???!?!?! ^^^^qqqq^^^





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"Fire Emblem Awakening" on SSB4 

my body is ready


I supposed I’ll get my chance…another day………

chrom plz

Ah, these are screencaps from Stars 184 btw, by Minako Ito.

She can get pretty scary close to Ikuko (well, many artist can, given enough references), but Minako usually lacks the quality control for finer details.