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So I recently went on a marathon and caught up to Vanguard over the span of a few weeks with my pal Polka; and while I still think stopping at season one would’ve been ideal, I have no regrets about catching up now (except for the occasional emotional turmoil brought upon me by boyfriendo-feels). If anything, after the marathon I started suffering intensely from Bushiroad withdrawl, so I picked up Buddyfight.

To be honest, it’s not really my type of show, and doesn’t look like my type of show, but if I learned anything over the course of Vanguard, it’s that Bushiroad shows aren’t always what they appear to be, and further more, sometimes they have a jackpot of really fun characters wedged between cheesy plot lines. so without further ado… 

Welcome to the world of Future Card Buddyfight (—-BF for short). And what Buddyfight lacks in a coherent plot, comprehensible game-play and maybe originality…it makes up for with heart. A whole lot of heart. 


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Happy Birthday, Kai.image


✧・゚:* Happy birthday, Kai 'Kai-kun' Toshiki *:・゚✧ 櫂トシキ | 28.8 


Happy Birthday to Fanguard’s favorite pyromaniac; Kai Toshiki.

Will you be at FanExpo this year? ; v ;
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Ah, sorry~ not this year (u v u;;;)

I need a long, long break for the rest of the summer. If I do end up going to anymore, I’ll announce it~ 

\(^ o ^)/ Ya-ho!!! Sorry for the wait! Soundless Wind art shop is now (mostly) restocked! Meaning, buttons, stickers, and the likes are now available again.

 NEW to the shop: 11x17” tabloid posters, in addition to posters by another artist, Mimimiru (2nd picture); and with every order, we’ll include a postcard.

I still have to restock a number of posters, but they’ll be added slowly. If you have any questions please send an email to kazehimeshop( and a shop assistant will get back to you as soon as they can. Please also let us know which items you’d like restocked (because we’re restocking in order of demand and it takes about 2 weeks per batch).

Thank you for reading, and thanks for looking!

Asker 4i-s-panda Asks:
Hi I was wondering if there's a way to see the commercial and project art that you do too! I understand the lack of time from these cut you off from commissions, but I still love looking at your posts of anything you work on. So is there any maybe twitter or blog that you post your work?
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post the work so… u_u;;;

(My twitter has art yes, but I’m super annoying XD; if you’re ok with that, it’s the same username)






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Sendou Aichi,
Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode 187

My life. Goodbye.

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Otakon 2014~!

I came back a few days ago but I went straight to work so I didn’t have time to settle down for a quick post. (I’m still in the middle of work actually… u_u;;; but anyway…)

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Asker kraniumet Asks:
hey.... did u ever ship yami/kaiba...?
soundlesswind soundlesswind Said:

In reverse order but yes —- I had an intense, burning love for these two. Even now, I still think the rivalry they have is one of the most interesting interactions I’ve ever come across. It was coarse, passionate, respectful yet antagonist. And when I think about how Priest Seto spent the rest of his life trying to figure out a way to bring Yami back home and how all their unresolved friction sort of carried onto their next life I get kind of teary-eyed.

For me, reading the manga, there was absolutely nothing more interesting than seeing the two face off. There was so much time and depth spent fleshing their unique relationship that it was extremely depressing for me to see them part ways. With the exception of Rapan, I don’t necessarily ship them romantically anymore, but they had hands-down the most complex relationship in the series. 


«Someday, our paths will cross…» At the time, those words were a wish, asking him to catch up to my level. In order to get stronger, I became obsessed with winning, and as a result I became isolated. I have no regrets since I believed that was my path. But there was another guy who became strong, on a completely different path than mine. He believed that the other fighters who were his adversaries were actually friends, and became strong by having fun. At last, he became so strong that he overtook me, becoming my true rival. If our two paths cross again someday, I want to enjoy a passionate, intense fight with you. It may have been born out of my wish for you to release me from my isolated Vanguard life. If I’d never met you, I bet I never would’ve sensed anything was wrong with being alone. But we did meet, and now my Vanguard life without you is unthinkable.

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Sometimes, “soon” really does mean soon! Dual Destinies for iOS is now available in English worldwide!

The first episode of the game is free, with the remaining content priced as follows:

Cases 2-5 bundle: €13.99 / $18.99 AUD / $14.99 US
Separate cases 2-5: €4.49 /…


I can’t help but roll my eyes at people who call Masahiro Ando the worst animator in Sailor Moon. His art style was simple and very different from the other animators, which made it stand out and look a bit awkward at times, but he animated movement and expressions really well. If anyone was the worst, it was Akira Nakamura, who failed at all of these while also looking terrible.

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Bless this post.

1. Most Favourite Character: Sendou Aichi


The heroine of the show; a bland and generic character at first glance but develops rather thoroughly throughout Vanguard and and carries the show really well. A sweet kid who tries hard to be sincere and is as simple as he is complex. He’s interesting in the sense that it’s hard to ascribe him to a particular archetype. Something like “shounen” just doesn’t justify.

Aichi is incredible, but also really normal, which makes him easy to relate to. He’s often times a bit co-dependent; with people and with Vanguard. While he was in school, he wasn’t really sure where his directions for the future lie except with Vanguard. He’s really good at that one thing, and has some confidence in it, but having skills in Vanguard does not necessarily benefit society (as the teacher points out).

The situation described above is one many might find themselves in at one point or another.  I’m really interested to see how he’ll manage to adapt his interests into his future, but at this point in time in the plot line, it’s not really something to worry about.

Aichi you’re breaking my heart in Season 4.

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